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Diamonds are obviously the top choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring and there are many shapes to choose from. You will find round shapes, square as well as rectangular shapes, as also oval and pear shaped diamond rings. Furthermore, according to the Gemological Institute of America, there are three types of diamond cuts, and these include the brilliant cut, step cut as also the mixed cut.

Cuts are not the same as the shape as they refer to a diamond’s proportion that includes its depth as well as width and also the uniformity of all of its characteristics that control the diamonds brilliance, durability as well as other features. A popular shape often chosen for a diamond engagement ring is the oval shape. Also, you will see a lot of pear shapes in diamonds that can be cut in various proportions. And, similar to the pear shape is the heart shaped diamond that is often flat or elongated.

What the best engagement ring depends on individual taste as well as choice, and it can be something simple such as a solitaire or is more decorative having side stones or baguettes, which though very pretty, end up costing a pretty packet as well. A typical engagement ring will have a setting as well as the band. The setting is what holds the diamond and the band is what surrounds the finger.

When selecting the band of the engagement ring you will need to establish the size which can be accomplished by visiting a jeweler and having the finger ring size taken, or you can borrow a ring from your partner to get the size in such a way. In addition, you need to decide on what materials to use and the typical engagement ring is most often made from platinum and gold, though this is a matter decided by individual tastes and style.

All in all, deciding on the setting and the band should allow you to then narrow your choice to the typical engagement ring that best fits in with these two criteria. If you do not wish to have prongs in your setting you may opt for pressure to hold the diamonds in place, or use can be made of channels in which to insert the diamond.

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